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Date: Monday, 29th June 2015:

Title: ' My Life, My Business, My Faith'

About Caroline Marsh:
Caroline Marsh is one of Britain's leading female property investors and an inspiration to thousands. Born and educated in Lusaka, Zambia. In Autumn 2008 Caroline was catapulted into the media limelight, when she was featured on prime-time Channel 4 television as a philanthropic 'Secret Millionaire'. Her own journey towards financial freedom was kick-started by Steve Bolton, a multi-millionaire property investor and serial entrepreneur. Within six months, Caroline was given a privileged invitation to join Platinum Property Partners, an exclusive Franchise community of successful property investors, entrepreneurs and some of the best professional advisors in the UK. Since joining the franchise, Caroline's success has grown exponentially.

Throughout her life, Caroline has consistently demonstrated resilience, determination, integrity, passion, leadership, creativity and generosity, and it is these skills and values she loves sharing with others.


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Monday, 01 June 2015 00:00

Business at the Speed of Trust

Date: Monday 1st of June 2015

Title: 'Business at the Speed of Trust'

About Bishop Alonge:

att68a2bBio: Rev Bob Alonge is the Senior Pastor of The Capital Assembly, a multi-cultural Christian ministry based in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. He is an apostolic voice reaching many nations with a message of hope and reformation. Trained as an architect, Rev Bob Alonge combines scriptural insight with practical leadership, management and relational principles. His ministry is characterized by a strong prophetic anointing and a strong manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit.

Their media outreach is reaching many nations and touching lives through satellite TV, publications and the internet. They serve as consultants to corporations and they serve as mentors/coaches to "Apostles in the Marketplace". They oversee a ministerial association with members scattered around the world and they are involved in pioneering projects in education, community development and social engineering.



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